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FLEX-B2 14-7/0.127 2651P_Bridge type OKIFLEX

FLEX-B2 14-7/0.127 2651P_Bridge type OKIFLEX

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Conductor resistance Ω/km (20degrees) 222 or less
Insulation resistance MΩ-km (20degrees) 100 or more
Withstand voltage Vrms/min 2000 or more
Capacitance*1 pF/m Approx. 52
Characteristic impedance*1 Ω Approx. 106
Propagation delay*1 ns/m Approx. 5.0
Near-end crosstalk*1 % Approx. 4.0
Flame resistance characteristics VW-1

*1 :The values for the measured conductors are according to the GSG mode.


-Item name and core colors-

FLEX-B2 ( )-7/0.127 2651P Apart from the red side mark, all cores are gray.


-Type configuration table-

Number of pairs (number of cores) Conductor Insulation Span mm Total width mm Conductor pitch mm Standard length
14 7/0.127
Elastic PVC 16.51 17.8 1.27 61m/reel

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